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“In a beautiful city, there’s a rare and special company. And this rare but successful company offers a number of choices that are unique, healthy and exciting… Unique Foods Canada Inc. isn’t all that old in years but has the wisdom behind it of a team with considerable experience. The Yin and Yang partnership of […]

Unique Foods on is the premier lifestyle guide for young professionals across Canada. With 5 Editions: National, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary and accompanied local newsletters, we are the go-to source to connect with the people, places, products, parties and events that matter most to young professionals across Canada. They did a feature on Unique Foods Canada […]

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Founded in 1996 Unique Foods Canada Inc. has grown into a major national distributor in the beverage industry. At Unique Foods, we specialize in importing specialty, high-end beverages to all of Canada, and act as a mini PR agency with a full roster of "Ambassadors"

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